Dear Sintha

Hai Sintha I write this letter to say thank for your breakfast invitation.

Pecel rice that u made it are so delicious, but little spicy. Because I don’t like spicy food very much. Very crunchy rempeyek, and surabi sweet very yummy. I hope could invited again for breakfast like yesterday.

I promise I’ll come to your daughter’s wedding party next month.




Mr and ms brownian

In home

Really for me one matter very impressive, when do I visit to your house, you and family one who very good and friendly, for me! ! , Very rare I find person likes you and family at this city.

Matter stateliest for me, dish presented by your wife, like hot corn soup opener dish delicious very suited for opener dish moment haves at winter, then at add with entree shaped steak tenderion with black pepper and the vegetable that refresh that can make tongue dance there here because the taste, even less afterwards casing dish is presented shaped cake pie delicious apple, all make dish comfort is perfect and atmosphere is harmonicer.

What have you and family does, for me very difficult to at forget, because you give best something that for myself, only thank pronunciation that can I give, good successful always.

Your is friend

Mr. Bagus Kurniawan



Mr. Rahmat Wening

at –

PT. Banyu Biru.

I have heard one message very make glad at one of the radio station, That is about function promotion to be general manager for father Wening at PT. Banyu Biru.

With this mail, I shall want to do confirmation to father message truth, if what I hear that a truth, really I am very glad, because I detect, father one who honest and full responsibility in run task.

With this mail also, I want to congratulate to father on function promotion, and I hope good department father lead can better from previous.

Yours faithfully

Bagus kurniawan

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